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Afro dog grooming

Personal Care for Your Loved One

First of all, we believe that dogs are not just pets, they are part of the family; from the moment they walk through our door they are treated as just that. Let us know of any quirks or special requirements and we’ll do everything we can to make your dog feel right at home; Wet & Waggly is here for all your dog grooming needs.

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A Home Away From Home

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Above all, the comfort of your dog is our absolute top piority. You’ll find no cages here, only complete care and a comfortable home and garden to stretch their legs and strut their stuff!


Dog Sitting

Doggy Day Care! When kennels just won't cut it, we're here to help. Our dog friendly, cage free home is a great alternative to kennels when you're away. Enquire now as availability is extremely limited.


Dog Grooming

Happy faces & wagging tails. We make your dog look as fabulous as they are; of course, you know what they say about dogs and their owners...



Coming Soon... That's right! Safe & fully qualified. Ensure you keep you loved one safe with a microchip in a warm and welcoming environment, no need for another trip to the vets.

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